Your Child Deserves a Catholic School Education!

Catholic Schools in Brooklyn and Queens quickly adapted to remote learning to ensure our high standard of education. Our smaller and caring community made sure every child knew that even though they were separated, they were not alone. Our devoted teachers and staff supported every child with the tools they needed to continue their education.

We help your child find their talents and discover new possibilities. Our Schools give your child a sense of safety and community.

We provide faith-based, value-centered education with a proven record of academic excellence outperforming other schools.

Students are provided the latest technology, music, art and an extensive amount of extracurricular activities to help them reach their fullest potential and grow.


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Academics + Faith
Catholic education provides students with a values-based education, rooted in the mission of the Catholic Church.
Curriculum + Standards
Rigorous, standards-based teaching and learning are a part of our philosophy of academic excellence.
Tuition + Financial Aid
We believe a Catholic education should be available to all students, regardless of their economic situation.
Catholic Schools Outperform
Catholic School students regularly outperform other New York City and New York State schools on standardized tests.
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Our Catholic academies and schools in Brooklyn and Queens educate students from early childhood through high school.
Futures in Education
We provide approximately 5,000 scholarships to families every year because we believe a Catholic education should be available to everyone.


Catholic Academy and Parish School students, and their families, make friends for life and become ready for the world ahead.

A Safe Community for Learning!


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